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Saturday, August 30, 2014


The sun came out as we reached the beach in Santa Barbara and we dipped our wheels in the Pacific Ocean with the support of so many amazingly gracious people who helped us along our 4000 miles journey this summer!!!

Riding along the Pacific Ocean!

We made it coast to coast!

On the road to Santa Barbara!

Fueled up!

Thanks to the Church of Christ in Santa Paula and all the other churches and schools that hosted us along the way!

This is it!

One more ride and we'll dip our front wheels in the Pacific Ocean. We can't begin to express the feeling and perspective we are left with after biking 4,000 miles while contributing to the affordable housing cause and meeting countless genuinely good people!

We want to share this day with all of you, so please enjoy the pictures from our trip above, along with more as we post them to the blog today, and be ready for stories to come as we reflect on our summer adventure in the weeks to come!

- Dan and Lauren

Monday, June 23, 2014

On the Road!!!

Our wheels are dipped and have hit the road, with tomorrow marking one week since our journey officially began. We can't thank all those who have and continue to support us to be able to make this opportunity a reality. Our fundraising exceeded our goal, reaching $9,155 !!! Thanks to the incredible friends and family who have housed and fed us on our way through Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. The first day alone - riding along the coast of Maine with this amazing group of people - would have been an experience worthy of all the preparation alone; and we still have an entire summer of days full of opportunity ahead.

Since beginning orientation, we have energized build sites with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Portland and Fitchburg, encouraged each other as a team in our biking groups on three consecutive rides around 50 miles each, and soaked up all of the amazing hospitality offered to us along the way.

Tomorrow, we continue our ride through Massachusetts on our way to our next build site in Pittsfield, MA, before heading on to New York and Pennsylvania for several more long and hilly but beautiful days in the saddle. We will do our best to capture this experience to share with all of you who care so much. We cannot express the gratitude we feel to be exactly where we are, doing exactly what we are doing!

Biking and Building On!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Only $600 with Just Hours to Go!

Hello from Maine!

We begin biking and building tomorrow, and need to have our fundraising goal met by midnight tonight!  We have raised almost $8400 this spring and only need $600 more to meet our goal of $9000 to support affordable housing. Any and every donation is incredibly appreciated and we hope that you will take a couple minutes to make a contribution.

Here are the links to donate to Dan and Lauren:
- Lauren's bio and fundraising page:
- Dan's bio and fundraising page:
* To support both Dan and Lauren, please split your total donation and submit half on each page.

Thanks for your help getting us to $9000!!!